Pictures Of My Happiness

Her name is Esther. I call her my angel because when I worked in one academy, she would approach me and sweetly say: "Hello, Teacher! Jet"  every meal time and afterwards ," Good bye Teacher Jet". Her soft voice sounds like an angel to me. My fellow teacher knows that this girl's voice make my day. 
Her name is Hazel. . She's always lively, and  cheerful even after getting tired of studying all day in school and academy. She's not afraid of doing videos or studying various ways in English.Her grammar is almost perfect because she knows how to accept change. 
The day Hazel made a sandwich. She was so proud of it


I'm thankful to God that He gives me the chance to meet this girl.
I'll give her a big  hug soon!

Sunwha with her boyfriend, Kakum..

Her eyes would capture any guy's heart.. but beware! She's very independent, open- minded  and witty!

I hope that Reese would find strength from her dream paper..

Sue has a kind heart. She volunteered for children.This one day job made her stood for long hours while holding a flag to direct the students. How I wish I was there with her.

Nobody can beat the laughter of this bubbly student. I miss you!!

Mrs. Young - Mi, I miss you. You are so smart and you like studying English. Thank you for this letter. It made me really happy!

This is Mrs. Yong Mi. She goes by Stella. The name "Stella" is of Latin origin. It means " star". Like a star, she dazzles. She gives light to everyone she meets.She knows how to see good things in people thus giving them light. 

These are so adorable gifts from my student, Mrs Young Mi!I love them all. You are so thoughtful!

This is my favorite part of teaching these two great people. Having a group class gives them confidence.
The perk about teaching these two? I'm always tingled all over with joy when I talk to them. ing [positive] feeling

 This is now the house of  Mr. and Mrs. Park  in Texas, USA. Take care! I hope that you are doing well in there!

Jessica, you might be moody but you are so pretty and smart. I love the way you explain things.

Jessica's smiles.
There are certain things in life that are elusive.When you get the chance to hold them  for a moment, celebrate and enjoy every moment of it.

Jessica rarely smiles. When she does, I would immediately click the mouse and capture the beauty in her. 

 She has a face of an angel and her name is Angel!
Although  playful, she's  very witty and  ready to give you stories that would make you smile.

We started learning with the English alphabet. She's always shy but her memory is sharp. Now, she could read sentences! I'm so proud of  Gaeun.

This place is Baguio City,the summer capital city of the Philippines.Since I was a kid, this has been my favorite place!

This is Myra, my online teacher friend.She's really kind!

Teacher  Marvin  was the head teacher in my previous  academy.He 's my friend and he has a good heart.

 I always like playing basketball!

I'm a dog lover.

The combination of yellow and green instantly makes me smile.

Ordinary things become beautiful in pictures.Photography makes me a poet.

I like songs about the moon and  stars.They would forever puzzle me. I took this  picture on a blue moon on January 30th of this year. 

The need for speed made me a reckless driver.Just kidding!

Being a staff in my previous academy was too stressful but hanging out with these teachers made me smile.

 Gossip, jokes, crying, and problems  won't be fun without these two girls - Janet and Mae!! I miss them..

 I look forward to have adventures with these cool excellent English speaker friends!

Breathing in nature causes me to levitate.
My attention is always drawn to road signs.

One of my dream date  of happiness would be to slow dance on top of one city building someday. The audience would be the other buildings or the stars above the big sky.If Rod Stewart's The way you look tonight won't be available at that time,the traffic sounds or drizzling  would suffice as the background song. 

For years , I've been keeping a  book about the vacation kingdom of the world.The cover of the book has a castle and fireworks at the back. Last year,it was surreal to see it with my own eyes. 

 These is a picture of my He  Cares Foundation family. Love and happiness abound when we are together serving God.
Their names are Bely and Gen. Being with them makes me happy and closer to God.