I'm Hazel and a student of Teacher Jet.
She is very kind and cheerful. When I take a test, she cheers me up and when I get a low score, she comforts me.I love to study with her.
She teaches me English with fun. She always smile so I want to study with her.
I love teacher Jet~~♥♥

- Hazel from South Korea , 13 years old.

Hi, This is Mike. I study with Teacher Jet every morning by Skype. I think she is a good teacher. She is very kind. She has a good pronunciation and a  good  sense  of humor.

-  Mike from South Korea , 34 years old.

I definitely enjoyed your teaching..
You were so kind and thoughtful...
I am really grateful to you especially when you seriously worried about me when I had difficult time.
I'm looking forward to studying English with you again... 

- 전상민/  Reese from South Korea, 22 years  old. 

Teacher Jejette  is a  really good person as teacher, and  as a  friend !
She always thinks of ways on how I can make my English skills better than before.
Also, she exerts great  effort in teaching, which  gives me encouragement to study more.
In conclusion, she has a talent in teaching!
Maybe the reason is her personality. She knows how to care of others’ feelings.

If you meet her, you would know what I'm saying.  - 3-  love ya.

 Sunhwa/ Via of South Korea , 23 years old