Monday, July 19, 2010

Phrasal Verbs - ACT

act as
Meaning: to perform the same function as a particular person or thing
Synonym: serve as
For example:
  • act as sth I can't make it to the meeting Bob, so would mind acting as chairman today?
  • act as sth The kidneys act as filters to keep the blood clean.
act for
Meaning: If you act for someone, you represent them.
Synonym: represent
For example:
  • act for sb If you don't have a lawyer, the state will appoint one to act for you.
  • act for sb In a democracy, the people elect representatives to act for them in parliament.
act on
Meaning: If you act on somebody's advice, you do as they suggest.
For example:
  • act on sth I really should act on my doctor's advice and try to eat less and exercise more.
  • act on sth He acted on the instructions of his lawyer and refused to answer any questions.
Nouns often used as objects with
act on: advice, suggestions, instructions, information, orders

act up Informal
Meaning: If a part of your body or a piece of equipment acts up, it doesn't work properly.
Synonym: play up, malfunction
For example:
  • act up My printer is acting up, so I'll have to get it fixed.
  • act up I'll have to give the tennis a miss this week. My knee is acting up again.
Nouns often used as subjects with
act up: computer, printer, phone, air conditioner, knee, wrist, ankle, stomach

act out
Meaning: If you act out, you express your feelings through acts or words.
Synonym: express
For example:
  • act out sth Jim often gets into trouble because he acts out his emotions without thinking about the consequences.
  • act sth out We can all have violent thoughts and aggressive feelings sometimes, but society doesn't usually allow us to act them out

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