Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Is Your Most Embarassing Moment?


Vocabulary Words :
1. embarrass- to cause someone to feel uneasy or uncomfortable or self - conscious
2. lisp - A speech defect or mannerism characterized by mispronunciation of the sounds (s) and (z) as (th) and (th).
2.  break the ice - idiom. relax a tense or very formal situation

Answer the following questions:
What is her opinion of life?
Life is a series of embarrassing moments.
It embarrasses her to talk about her life.
She's embarrassed a lot of people in her life.

What is the best part about acting the fool?
These funny stories are yours only and you don't have to share them with your friends.
In the end, your friends will mock you and call you a fool. That's not funny.
Those are the stories you end up sharing. Those are the funniest things that happen.

What does she say about the new school and the school where she had studied before?
It was her first day in a private school and she had only studied in public schools before then.
Studying in a private High School is difficult at first because it's very different from a public High School.
It was her first day of High School. She hadn't been in a public school in years because she went to private school.

How did she feel on her first day and what did she try to do to break the ice?
She wasn't really nervous, but she thought "I probably need to put some ice on this. It tastes funny".
She was really nervous and she didn't really know anyone, so she thought 'Well, the best way to break the ice is, of course, to be funny."
The idea of breaking the ice in front of everyone on the first day of school made really nervous.

The students in her Algebra-Geometry III class were asked to introduce themselves. What did the girl sitting in front of her say? What did Esther think?
"Hello, my name is Lori." Esther thought: "Ahahaha... she's totally pretending to have a lisp. That's so funny. I'll do the same thing."
"Hello, my name is Dori." Esther thought: "She's totally pretending to be Japanese. That's not funny. I'll have to do something."
"I'm so sorry!" Esther thought: "That's not really true. She's just pretending. I have to say something."

According to Esther, what was the reaction of the class to what she did?
75% of the class thought it was a very nice sentence. She was so surprised, she didn't know what to say.
As soon as she got about 75% of the way through that one sentence, she realized that the room had gone completely silent.
Each student gave 75 cents to help Lori. She got very emotional and didn't know what to say.

What did she finally understand about Lori?
Lori wasn't pretending to have a lisp. SHE HAD ONE!
Lori was just pretending to have a list, but Esther really HAD ONE!
If nobody had a friend to mock, Esther thought SHE HAD ONE!

Go ahead! Put comments in here . What is your most embarrassing moment?

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