Monday, August 30, 2010

Have You Been To An Agricultural Store ?

AGRI...-- what ??

Agricultural Store.You might be wondering what kind of products do they sell  in that store.No, you can't find  craft, fashion, or  cultural-products there. Agriculture means  the production of food and goods through farming. The key word is FARMING.
Therefore, agricultural store supply farm equipment,seeds, chemicals and all manner of farm related items.
An ESL learner named Andy from Korea had no idea before  about the English terms of  most of the products that he sells.

 Watch this video as he learns and teaches us  some ESL vocabulary words.

New Words To Study:
1. Herbicide - a chemical substance used to destroy or stops  the growth of plants, especially weeds/grass
2.Fertilizer -  food for the plants/ something that you add to soil  to make it more productive
3.Grafting tape - a  kind of tape that you use to join plants
4.Pesticide -  a chemical used to kill pests, especially insects.

Aja, Aja English!
Teacher Jet

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