Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Song About Simple Past Tense

What did you do yesterday?
I drank a coffee
I got up late, dressed my self, washed my face
I called my mother

What did you do after that?
I had something to eat, brushed my teeth, then I walked in the street.
I slept, bought an apple.
I went to the supermarket

At what time did you arrive to school?
at 9 o'clock
at half past ten
ten to eight

was there anybody to open the gate?
No, there wasn't anybody
Yes. The secretary

What did you do during the break?
I played in the yard
I studied hard
I opened my books

What did you do when you finished the school?
I ate an ice cream
I fried an egg
I met my friends

What did you do after you watched tv?
I opened a can
I helped my mom
I drank coke

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