Sunday, September 12, 2010

English Learners, Let Me Introduce To You My Pride…

Months ago, Gaeun didn’t know anything in English except the alphabet. She didn’t know how to read sentences or even words, or how to sound phonics. She was very shy back then. Her mother once wrote to me on Skype ( )that her daughter wanted to wave her hand to me and say, “Goodbye” , but because she was very timid she couldn’t do it.

Despite this challenge, I don’t have a hard time with her. As compared to other students, she improves at a faster rate. Why? There are two reasons. One, her mother doesn’t sit by her side while I teach. As a result, she learns how to be independent. She opens and accepts my invitation to Documeeting, a Skype software, and tweaks the webcam herself. In studying, she might make mistakes, but that’s part of learning.
(Usually, other mothers coach and provide the answers to their kids. How would they learn? Sadly enough, I don’t know. I really don’t encourage this practice, but the mothers want to study English, too.)
The second reason is that Gaeun is obedient and attentive to me. There are some fun techniques I use to pique her curiosity in learning the language.( If you want your children to learn English while having fun, add my Skype ID now – imteacherjet . I would give them a 20 minute free class)

Gaeun can read words and short sentences now. I am confident that she’ll become an excellent English speaker when she grows up!

Here, I hope that you enjoy watching Gaeun, my satisfaction and achievement.

Aja, aja English!
Teacher Jet

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