Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Big Tip In Speaking : Enunciate


I once had a student from Cambodia who was very talkative in English.Everything was perfect except one big problem- I couldn't understand what he was trying to  say most of the time. 

Enunciation plays a big part in speaking.You have to clearly say the words so that people would understand you.

After watching this short video clip from  Friends, an  
American sitcom,you would understand more about enunciation. 
I suggest that you imitate the way they say their lines.
 Enunciate and have fun in studying English! 

Some tips on how to enunciate:

1.Speak slowly.

2. Open your mouth and say the words  a little louder.

3. Practice with tongue twisters. Here's a previous article that you can use - 
Click These Tongue Twisters

4.Practice,practice and practice. 

Aja, aja English! 
Teacher  Jejettte 

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