Friday, November 5, 2010

For Those Who Keep On Saying That English Is Difficult...

.. this is something that you should think about:

"Without a strong reason or purpose, anything in life is hard."- Robert Kiyosaki

You have to know your ultimate reason why do you study English.You might wake up early in the morning to hit the books or  burn the midnight oil, but do you really know in your heart why are you doing that?

 I suggest that you reflect on your reasons why do you  study English, put it into writing and read it daily.That way, you could focus on your goals and you won't consider  things as difficult.

Your motivator,
Teacher  Jet 

Phrases/ Words to study :

ultimate - adj. If something is ultimate, it's the most important.
hit the books - If you hit the books, you study or read hard.
burn the midnight oil - If you stay up very late working or studying, you burn the midnight oil.
reflect on - If you think seriously about something, you reflect on it.

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  1. Dear Jet, your lessons are very simple but very useful.You are doing world of good to the teachers of english
    yours lovingly,