Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can You Find Words That Start With The Letter "J"?

I would be attending a party soon and the celebrant asked us to bring gifts that start with  the first letter of our names. Before distressing my mind with the perfect present to give, let me share to you a puzzle. The words that you should circle start with the letter "J". They are all adjectives.

 Adjectives are words that describe or modify a  person or thing. 

Make Your Own Word Search

jovial - happy
jolly- enjoyable, energetic and entertaining
jumbled -  out of order, messy
jocund- cheerful
jittery- nervous
jaunty -showing that you are happy and confident
jagged - rough and with sharp points
jiggly- shaky
judgmental -too quick to criticize people

Just have fun in studying English! 
Teacher Jet 

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  1. Yey I found 'em all! believe it or not but I've solved 2 easy wordsearchs online unintentionally:]