Sunday, March 6, 2011

ESL Video - Apple's Jobs Unveils The IPad 2

Most students are troubled by the speed of speaking of native English speakers. They're unhappy that they couldn't understand the message. 
One of the solutions I could think of is for them to listen to Steve Jobs. He doesn't speak fast and this video would show you. 

Happy listening! 

Answer the following questions.

1. What makes the iPad 2 different?
2. Steve Jobs mentioned that iPad 2 is  " dramatically faster " and "dramatically thinner"  What does the word" dramatically " mean? 
3. Where can you find the video cameras on the iPad 2?
4. What are the colors of the iPad 2 ?
5. How long is the battery life?

Send your answers to If your answers are all correct  and you are the fifth one to e-mail me, you would receive 3 lessons for 20 minutes absolutely free. 

Skype ID-  imteacherjet

Aja Aja English! 

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