Monday, April 25, 2011

Build Wisely! Study English Wholeheartedly!

Build Wisely! Study English Wholeheartedly!

Dear students, 

I thank God because I've learned  what my talent is.Teaching English is the thing that I do passionately.I forget my problems and I genuinely smile when I read you stories or  pronounce words.It's my great happiness to bless  and share what I know. English might be difficult  for some but don't focus on that.I invite you to open up your mind and positively think that you can reach your goals.Always study wholeheartedly, okay?

Teacher Jet   

Answer these questions:

1. What was the work of Mr. Chris Myler?
2. How long had he been working for his employer?
3. Why did he plan to leave the house building?
4. What  was the personal favor of his employer?
5. He worked half-heartedly on his last project. What's the meaning of half- heartedly?
6. What made his last project different from his previous works?
7. Whom did the employer give the keys of the house?
8. Did he regret working half- heartedly on his project?
9. What is the meaning of the  saying " Life is a do-it -yourself " project? 
10.As a student of English, what can you do to be a great carpenter of life? 

Build wisely! 
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