Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Valentine's Day

I know. I know. It's not Valentine's day today but I want you to practice shadowing technique. Shadowing technique is repeating along as you listen to the English dialogue.This is very effective way to study English. The dialogue is short so you won't get bored.  

Play the video and try this:
It's Valentine's day today?
No, it's a Monday.
Valentine's Day always falls on a Thursday. Use your head! That's Thanksgiving.

It's Valentine's day today?

 Hello?  -  Hello is usually used to greet someone. In this video, the guy said this to the other because the other is  slow to realize that it's truly  Valentine's day.

 No, it's a Monday. Valentine's Day always falls on a Thursday.
  Falls - To occur at a specified time.In this sentence, the speaker thinks that Valentine's day always happen on Thursday and not on Monday.
 Use your head. That's Thanksgiving.
Use your head is  used to tell someone to think more carefully to understand something.Thanksgiving  day always occurs on a Thursday.

Thanksgiving day is a holiday celebrated in United States and Canada as a  time to give thanks to God,friends and family. In the United States, it is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of October.

Be happy! 
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