Thursday, August 26, 2010

ESL Movie- Nice Guy Johnny

I like watching this trailer again and again.Have you met that one nice guy?
Lucky you.
Oh, don't misunderstood me. I've met him around seven years ago.He has  the softest voice I've heard.He's also sweet.  
Unlucky me.He doesn't want a  nice girl.

Fill in the blanks :
1.Dude, you should ______  _________  ________ right _________.

2. _______ what ?
3. I don't ______, man!  Just ________ her _______ you _______!
4. Feel ________ ___________?


  1. Hi.. I think the full sentences are:
    1. Dude, you should just call her right now
    2. say what?
    3. I don't know, man. Just tell her how you fell!
    4. Fell about what?

  2. Hi, Steve! Thank you for answering. Good job! You really have good listening skills! Do remember the spelling of "feel" okay ?