Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rain Idioms

I always love it when it rains.There were many memorable things in the past that happened during rainy periods.Suspensions  of classes during  the flood seasons in my University were the most unforgettable.

Have you tried walking on the road and  singing a song when it's raining cats and dogs?I've done that. I suggest that you try it, too. Oh! Just don't sing out loud when you're alone, or else, passersby might think you're strange, okay?

This morning, I received this picture file from my student with her mom. Aren't they so happy here?

 Idioms About Rain

1.      I'll take a rain check .
This is something that you say when you cannot accept someone's invitation to do something but you would like to do it at another time.

Example :
Michelle:  Let’s watch Piranha  on Saturday.
Steve : I’ll take a rain check. Let’s do it on Sunday. I would have  a meeting with my boss.
Jet: No problem!

2.      Come rain or shine
-          regardless of the weather or circumstances; in any event

Steve : Come rain or shine, I’ll pick you up at 6 PM on Sunday. We’ll be watching the movie then.
Michelle : 6 PM , huh?  All right!

3.      Rain cats and dogs
-          To rain very hard

    Michelle :  Why are you late? You promised to pick me up at 6! It’s already eight!
    Steve : I’m so sorry. My car was stuck in a   traffic jam . It was raining cats and dogs. 

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