Monday, September 6, 2010

How To Prepare For Job Interview - What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

Usually, we don't want our  weaknesses  to be known.
Do you? I don't.

When I was preparing for my job interview after graduating college, a friend  helped me how to answer this tough question: "What is your greatest weakness?" . She suggested these:  " I'm a perfectionist" or " I'm hardworking and I do a lot of overtime work". After some job interview failures, I sensed that  interviewers were not fulfilled with my answers so I needed to ask help from the  experts.

This 1 minute video prepares us on how to be honest in job interviews, and  not to give a strength disguised as a weakness.  

ESL learners , " What Is Your Greatest Weakness?"

Aja, aja English!
Teacher Jet

P. S. I want to say my hello to  an ESL learner Ruben who's currently looking for a job in  Gloucester
 ( pronounced as GLOS-tər ) in Gloucestershire,  (GLOSS-tər-shər)  England. Good luck to your job hunting!!   

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