Sunday, September 5, 2010

Something New About Google Email ( Gmail )

Do you get more mail from your inbox, and you get confused by it all?

Google is doing a good job in filtering spam mails. Recently, it introduces Priority Inbox (in beta) which separates bologna , or “bacn” ( pronounced as “ bacon”) from your important emails. Bologna, or “bacn”, refers to emails that you have subscribed before but you don’t need to read them immediately.
Basically, Priority Inbox divides your inbox to three sections. On the upper part, you can see “Important and unread stuffs. On the middle, you can see the “Starred” emails wherein you can go back to, and below that would be “Everything else” stuffs.

When you frequently email a friend, Gmail would detect and mark that as important. Also, you can help Gmail organize your emails by clicking on two new  icons as important or unimportant.

Go ahead, go to your Gmail beta and see the "New! Priority Inbox" link on the top right corner of your Gmail account. This new e-mail tool will definitely make your life easier!

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