Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do You Really Want To Be Better In English?

Are you one of the English learners who want to be better in English but doesn't want to study English?

Did my above question confuse you?

Most English learners want to be better in the language  but they reason out that they're not good in English and they fear that their ability is not enough to communicate with an English teacher.

Today, let me teach you about - 

Daily Affirmations  

Daily affirmations are good thoughts or positive thoughts that you read everyday when you want to achieve your goals.By focusing on your dreams, you ignore fears and you enjoy the present small challenges. Here is a video that would dramatically help you if  you want to be  better in English.   

Go and play the video again!
You may also write each sentence on a card, read them everyday and you would be surprised that you are indeed improving in your English skills.

Aja Aja English!

Teacher Jet
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