Monday, February 7, 2011

My One In A Million Friend, Chase Lazo

Dear students, 

Today, I'd like to tell you about the idiom " One In A Million " but I'd recount a short story first. 
This story is about a very special friend, named Chase. Chase was his nickname. His real name was Gary. 
He was such a brother to me. He was indeed a one in a million friend because he was  very good, kind and enthusiastic.He made me happy when I was down and boosted my confidence when I felt like giving  up.Years ago, he inspired  me  to  write online.

Today, I've heard that he  passed away a year ago. 

To Chase - I'd like to tell you that my " chase" in looking for you has finally ended. You're with God now. Watch over me , okay? 

one in a million - When somebody says that you're one in a million, that means you're an exceptionally  good person. 

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  1. Hi, Ms. I would like to say that Gary was also a special person in my heart. He was a special friend in college...He used to give me the same happiness. He even wrote me a song entitled "Memories". He was not only friendly, he was also a smart and talented guy. He could play the piano so well...I learned about his death last 2009 and until now that Ive searched your blog about him I couldnt accept that he is gone. Do
    you have the details of what happened to him?Today is his birthday.Thank you-Ma. Hazel B. Forastero