Monday, September 12, 2011

Improve Your Listening Skills Through Watching Friends

Fill in the blanks. 

Ross:  Hi. 
Joey: This guy says: "hello, I wanna kill myself."
Monica: Are you okay,__________? 
Ross:  I just feel like someone reached down my throat, grabbed my small intestine, pulled it out of my mouth and tied it around my _____________... 
Chandler: ____________? 
Monica:  Carol moved her __________ out today. 
Joey: Ohh. 
Monica:  Let me get you some ___________. 
Ross: Thanks. 
Phoebe: Ooh! Oh! 
Ross: No, no don't! Stop ___________ my aura! No, just leave my _________ alone, okay?
Phoebe: Fine! Be murky! 
Ross: I'll be fine, alright? Really, ___________. I hope she'll be very ____________. 
Monica: No you don't. 
Ross: No I don't, to hell with her, she __________ me! 
Joey: And you never knew she was a lesbian... 
Ross: No!! Okay?! Why does __________ keep ___________ on that?  She didn't know, how should I know? 
Chandler: Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian... Did I say that out ______? 
Ross: I told mom and dad last _____________, they seemed to take it ________ well.
Monica: Oh really, so that ___________    ____________ call I got from a woman at ___________3:00 A.M., "I'll never have ___________, I'll never have ____________." was what?  A wrong number?
Ross: Sorry.
Joey: Alright Ross, __________. You're _________ a lot of pain right now. You're angry. You're hurting. Can I tell you what the answer is? 
Joey: Strip joint! C'mon, you're single! Have some hormones! 
Ross: I don't want to be single, okay? I just... I just- I just wanna be married again! 
Chandler: And I just want a___________    __________! 

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