Monday, October 24, 2011

Desperate Housewives

Listen to the short scene from Desperate Housewives and fill in the blanks. 

 __________     ______. 


 What’s ________--? 

 I didn’t ____________anyone was gonna be _________ here, I just sorta _________ outta ___________. 

 I’m sure you look _____________. 


Ooh, Bongo, Bongo! Shh.. Sorry, uh, he scares easy. 

 No, it’s fine, I get it. 

I didn’t mean to ___________ you. I’ll see you _____________.

__________   _____________   __________ have __________ with me? 

Just the __________ of us? 

 Heh, well, and Julie. Uh, it’s a thing we do when ___________ new moves into the _____________, we___________ them over for a ____________- __________   __________. Sort of a __________. 

 You said you were a __________ cook. 

Well. I order __________. 

 Oh, you invite __________ over for a home-cooked meal and you order___________. 

Yeah, it’s sort of a new ____________. I’m working out the kinks. 

I’ll tell you what. How ‘bout I ___________? And you guys _________  ___________ to my place. 

Oh. Great. 

 Friday night at six? 

I’ll be there. 


Bye, Bongo. 

Julie? Mike Delfino just____________ us to __________ Friday night. 

 He did? _________. 

But only I’m going. Because you’re gonna __________down with something _________-____________ that__________ bed-rest and _______. 

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